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BB4 Studios Installs PMC IB2 Speakers

18 September 2015 9:00:00 AM AEST

BB4 Studios has chosen PMC IB2 speakers for their new, meticulously planned facility in New York.

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In the September issue of The Absolute Sound, the MOON Neo 430HA Headphone Amplifier has been the recipient of the highly coveted "Golden Ear" award. Just another feather in the cap of this already highly regarded and awarded product. 

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Home Cinema Choice - PMC Twenty Series 5.1 Review

19 August 2015 4:30:00 PM AEST

Home Cinema Choice July 2015
Mark Craven, of Home Cinema Choice writes a glowing review of a PMC twenty series 5.1 system.

Mark's comments include: 

"PMC's devotion to utter clarity and evenhanded delivery works wonders with music and movies too"

"This array purrs like a well-oiled engine"

"The swirling, snow-laden winds whip around the soundfield with ice-cold precision, while the Twenty.C continues to enunciate dialogue with absolute believability"

"The way these speakers bring clarity and body to those crucial mid-range frequencies is astonishing"

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Mix, Match, and Save!

5 August 2015 10:00:00 AM AEST

At Entertaining Environments we like to mix it up a little, so we decided for our next promotion to do just that. Our Mix, Match, and Save! Promotion allows you to receive a 10% discount when you buy a product from the Raidho Acoustics and Simaudio MOON range, or receive a MASSIVE 20% discount when buying two or more products. 

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A Day of Audio and Auto Nirvana

30 July 2015 10:00:11 AM AEST

Last weekend PMC opened its doors for the first time, giving selected visitors an afternoon of the ultimate in Audio & Auto’s. The relaxed and informal event held in conjunction with local retailer HiFi Lounge, gave visitors the opportunity to hear our awesome speaker systems and a display of over 70 prestigious and rare cars, whilst enjoying the party spirit thanks to the hog-roast & refreshments on the vast lawn. 

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CE Pro 2015 Annual Brand Analysis

27 July 2015 9:00:00 AM AEST

The annual CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis is a reputable aggregation of the Top 100 brands used by the highest-revenue integrators in the U.S.A. This prestigious feature was initiated in 2008, and has since become the "go-to" guide for integrators.

Based on the results from this year's CE Pro Annual Brand Analysis, SnapAV have established themselves as one of the "Big 3" brands, alongside the likes of Sony and Control4.

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Dierks Studios in Cologne – the facility where Michael Jackson recorded his 1997 hit Blood on the Dance Floor - recently played host to In The Studio With MJ, an unusual series of seminars highlighting the experience of recording with this legendary artist.

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Hans Wetzel of SoundStage! Access highlights the products that caught his eye at CES 2015. He had the following to say about JL Audio's new Dominion subwoofers, "Finally, in the three-figure category, were JL Audio’s most affordable products yet: the Dominion line of subwoofers. The Dominion d108 (USD$799) has an 8” cone driven by a 500W amp, while the Dominion d110 (USD$999) houses a 10” cone and a 750W amp. High-gloss finishes are available for an additional USD$100. Given the praise my colleagues have universally lavished on JLA’s more expensive subs, I have high hopes for these entry-level models. I’ll be shocked if they don’t sell by the truckload".

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Simaudio's MOON 430HA Reference headphone amplifier has been the recipient of another glowing review, this time it was none other than the Heaphone.Guru - Eric Neff. 

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A group of internationally acclaimed song writers and record producers recently completed a two week Writer's Retreat at Miles Copeland's Château Marouatte in the Dordogne region of France.

Surrounded by medieval castle walls, gothic towers and fantastic antiques, the invited guests worked in groups to write and record new compositions that, if previous events are anything to go by, could soon find their way into the US and UK charts. 

Rooms within the castle were specially set up for this purpose and each writing/recording area was equipped with a selection of pro audio gear, including high quality PMC monitors.

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