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Within the May edition of Stereophile, Fred Kaplan writes a glowing review of the MOON by Simaudio 740P Preamplifier. Upon reading the review it's easy to see why Fred fell in love with the 740P. Here is a quick excerpt "Whatever the cause, with every album and song I played, I found it hard to take notes. I just sat back—or leaned forward—and soaked in the music, sometimes with an idiotic smile on my face, even if I'd heard the record a hundred times before. Finally, I tried to analyze what was happening. My first scribbled note: "All the music is breathing forth at the same time."


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PMC - The Choice for 'The Voice'

1 April 2015 10:44:03 AM AEDT

We are pleased to announce that the BBC hit TV show ‘The Voice’ chose to use PMC speakers in all four judges rooms as they coached contestants in the build up to their live performances.

Shown on Saturday evenings, the UK’s premier talent show switches from the studio to the judges coaching rooms, where the judges work with each of the contestants. PMC speakers were selected for each room due to their reputation for the highest sound quality as well as the brand that really does close the loop between the studio and the home.

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Christmas Promotion Extended

9 January 2015 2:12:16 PM AEDT

Even though Christmas has come and gone for another year we are still in the spirit of giving and as suh we have extended our "Christmas Has Come Early" promotion until February 28th 2015. 

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Christmas Has Come Early at Entertaining Environments

24 November 2014 12:14:57 PM AEDT

Even with Christmas just around the corner we simply couldn’t wait to get into the spirit of giving so we’re bringing the gifts forward this year. With so many new and exciting technologies, our extensive range of hi-fi to home cinema (all at globally competitive pricing not just Australia!), it’s the perfect time to fulfil that electronic desire.

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Entertaining Environments To Distribute Seebo

18 November 2014 12:34:30 PM AEDT

Entertaining Environments, Australia’s only marketing and buying group representing independent AV retail specialists and custom integrators is pleased to announce its appointment as a distributor of Seebo to the CE channel in Australia

Seebo is unlike any entertainment device you’ve used before. It combines the features and functions ofan ultra-smart set top box, a media streamer and a hybrid media player into one streamlined device. With Seebo you can watch content from all over the world, record your favourite shows, listen to the latest music, connect all your devices, share with others and take total control of your viewing experience.

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Counting Down to Apple's 'iWatch'

26 June 2014 2:50:07 PM AEST

“I think the wrist is interesting...”

WITH GOOGLE, LG and Samsung gaining interest (though decidedly mixed reviews and so-so sales) for their smart watch offerings, all eyes are on Apple as the rumours firm up for a fitnessbased wristwear launch from the Cupertino crew. Bloomberg reported that Apple has 100 engineers working on the project under the leadership of senior director of engineering James Foster, and with insiders predicting sales in the high millions within the current calendar year, an announcement can’t be far away — the smart money is on an October launch date. Further evidence came in the announcement that Apple’s next mobile operating system due in September, iOS 8, will include health data management tools, including a new ‘Health’ app. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that it expects 10 sensors on the ‘iWatch’ to track and monitor health and fitness data, and that several different models will be available from launch.

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The Internet Of Things

26 June 2014 2:44:53 PM AEST

IF ‘WEARABLE TECH’ is the buzzphrase on the streets, at home all attention is focused on the ‘Internet of Things’, meaning the ongoing development of ever more household appliances and devices which can communicate with the internet, and with each other. 

Network security company Fortinet recently conducted a survey of homeowners in 11 countries, including Australia, asking questions relating to the Internet of Things as it pertains to the connected home. 

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Munich High End (& A Future For Hi-Fi)

26 June 2014 1:53:40 PM AEST

A SIGNIFICANT INCREASE in exhibitors and exhibition space ensured this year’s annual HIGH END in Munich was the biggest show of its kind. With more than 900 brands represented by 452 exhibitors, the exhibition was met with unanimous enthusiasm by the many visitors this writer spoke to — and no doubt the overall 18,000 that attended from around the globe. 

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Pure Audio From Blu-ray

26 June 2014 1:31:19 PM AEST

AFTER YEARS OF LARGELY ignoring Blu-ray’s potential to deliver higher-than-CD quality music, major and minor labels are now lining up to provide stereo and surround versions of new and remastered recordings. Universal, Warner Music and Sony are all producing Blu-ray editions of popular albums, most of them adhering to a standard defined by a collaboration between Universal and more esoteric labels including 2L, MSM, Decca and Stockfisch.

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Back To Boom Times In AV

26 June 2014 12:01:08 PM AEST

WE ARE ON THE VERGE of another tech boom in AV, according to Jerry Del Colliano, writing for in California. He sees a combination of new  technologies and economic recovery driving a revived market in both audio visual and integrated home technologies, with consumers able to reap greater advantages by living connected lives.

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