Ansuz Acoustics

Cables and HiFi peripherals are extremely important components to achieve the ultimate performance in your audio system. In the words of Ansuz Acoustics "your amplifier, turntable, CD or speakers are no better than the cables that connect them".

Ansuz Acoustics design and manufacture a wide range of high quality cables and peripherals including: mains leads, speaker cables, interconnects, mains distributors and resonance control products. What's more all Ansuz Acoustics products are handmade.

Ansuz Acoustics cables include technologies such as Direct Ground Connectors, Double Inverted Helix Coils and Noise Suppressing Coils. Direct Ground Connectors are powerful centre conductors that provide first-rate grounding for your components. Double Inverted Helix Coils feature cable windings in reverse directions to drastically minimise inductance. Noise Suppressing Coils efficiently remove electrical noise.

Call us today to book a time to visit our interactive showroom in Port Melbourne and hear the Ansuz Acoustics difference.

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2 Item(s)