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BB4 Studios Installs PMC IB2 Speakers

18 September 2015 9:00:00 AM AEST

BB4 Studios has chosen PMC IB2 speakers for their new, meticulously planned facility in New York.

Officially opened last November, BB4 aims to provide producers, engineers, artists and labels
with an innovative audio resource for audio mixing and mastering. Built from the ground up
on Williamsburg’s famed Bedford Avenue, BB4 offers a custom mastering-style console and a
plethora of dynamics, EQs, plugins and effects, all housed in a neutral room that has been
acoustically designed to give the largest, flat sweet spot possible.

Christos Tsantilis, BB4's in-house engineer who designed the studio in conjunction with its
owner, Rafael 'Raf' Planten, says: "Once upon a time, mix rooms and mastering suites were
built to the same specs, but at some point mix rooms had to get bigger, to accommodate
the larger tracking consoles that were being brought in. The BB4 approach gets mixers back
into a room that’s optimized for accuracy – this is a mastering-grade environment where they
can mix. Having this purpose-built environment provides an extreme upgrade in your ability
to hear the music, and make much more informed decisions."

As a multi-platinum engineer and producer, as well as an accomplished studio designer,
Tsantilis was keen to ensure that the new studio's monitoring system offered both accuracy
and clarity.

"I had worked on PMC speakers before," he says, "and I could hear that they were extremely
pristine. Their three dimensional value and clarity are phenomenal. We had tried other
speakers, and they couldn’t compare. The PMCs are just very, very true and very accurate –
matched up with the right amplifier, they make all the difference in the world."
Tsantilis adds that the PMC IB2 passive speakers play a large part in helping BB4 to deliver a
truthful sound.

"We depend on them to know we’re placing the instruments correctly in the mix, and that
we’re hearing it right," he says. "We can make better decisions, more quickly – the PMCs
really sing."

In recent months BB4 has been working on Ian Lloyd's album titles BTB, which features band
members from Foreigner, Yes and Stories. BB4 has also been working internally on multiple
projects with players such as Zev Katz and Jon Ihle who will be under BB4's publishing

BB4 Studios IB2 Speakers