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Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 Reference Loudspeakers to be Exhibited at the International HiFi Show

15 June 2016 9:00:00 AM AEST

We are excited to announce the illustrious Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 Reference floor standing loudspeakers will be showcased at The International HiFi Show, July 1st – 3rd at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park, Melbourne. This is the first time this exquisite pair of loudspeakers are landing on Australian soil making The International HiFi Show an event not to be missed.

The Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 Reference loudspeakers are a true 3-way loudspeaker featuring Raidho Acoustics’ unique Diamond Drivers. With two dedicated 115mm Diamond mid-range, four Diamond bass drivers and a sealed ribbon tweeter the Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 reveal the inner substance of your music. The D-5.1 is a truly amazing performer, and is the perfect companion for those wishing for the ultimate musical experience. Jonathan Valin from The Absolute Sound adds, “The D-5’s are the most consistently thrilling, fool-you-realistic full-range dynamic loudspeakers I’ve heard yet”. These impressive loudspeakers are available in two standard finishes: Gloss Black and Walnut Burl. The starting price in Australia for a pair of these finely-detailed speakers is $283,995 RRP.

Partnering the Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 loudspeakers will be the highly regarded Aavik Acoustics U-300 Integrated Amplifier. First launched at CES 2015, the U-300 has been the recipient of many glowing reviews from the world’s most prominent HiFi magazines including: The Absolute Sound and hifi+. The U-300 Integrated Amplifier has also formed a cult following with consumers who are mesmerised by the U-300’s artistic industrial design as well as its versatility to power speakers of various sizes and configurations. The Aavik Acoustics U-300 currently retails for $45,000 RRP in Australia.

The Raidho Acoustics D-5.1’s and Aavik Acoustics U-300 will be accompanied by Ansuz Acoustics cables and peripherals. Ansuz Acoustics cables feature state-of-the-art innovations such as: Direct Ground Connector Technology, Double Inverted Helix Coil Technology and Noise Suppressing Coil Technology; features such as these provide optimal grounding for your components, drastically minimise inductance and efficiently suppress electrical noise, all vital elements in achieving a sonically coherent performance. Ansuz Acoustics also provide cutting-edge resonance control products which employ advanced Teslacoil technology that when applied correctly can actively suppress noise.

This reference HiFi system will undoubtedly be the spectacle of The International HiFi Show and a must see for HiFi enthusiasts and music lovers alike.

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For all enquiries regarding Raidho Acoustics, Aavik Acoustics and Ansuz Acoustics please contact us at or on 03 8080 1230.