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Aavik Acoustics U-300 Integrated Amplifier Arrives at Entertaining Environments

12 January 2016 3:01:24 PM AEDT

One Amplifier To Rule Them All!

The new Aavik Acoustics U-300 Integrated Amplifier has finally made its way onto Australian shores, and is currently residing in our illustrious HiFi demonstration facility. Not only does this amplifier look like an amazing piece of art, it has the versatility to power speakers of various sizes and configurations.

Currently, the Aavik Acoustics U-300 is driving a pair of Raidho Acoustics D3 floorstanding speakers with Ansuz Acoustics cables. Various sources are connected to the system including high resolution digital music, vinyl and CD.

This is an amazing system that allows the listener to be fully immersed by the music, in truth, the components actually feel as though they disappear transporting the listener to the concert or recording studio.

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Aavik Acoustics U-300 

 Aavik Acoustics U-300 and Raidho Acoustics D3