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Back To Boom Times In AV

26 June 2014 12:01:08 PM AEST

WE ARE ON THE VERGE of another tech boom in AV, according to Jerry Del Colliano, writing for in California. He sees a combination of new technologies and economic recovery driving a revived market in both audio-visual and integrated home technologies, with consumers able to reap greater advantages by living connected lives.

Whereas he brands 3D as a no-hoper, “a failure of a technology in the 1950s, and even more of a stinker in modern times”, Del Colliano points to Ultra HD televisions and projection as “real, even if it’s not ready yet… It needs a broadcast standard. It needs a Blu-ray standard. It needs support from the gaming community. It needs servers that work with more than one brand of UHD TV.” But, he says, “it could make today’s TVs look like a joke even to the mainstream consumer. Ultra HD could be that dramatic. It could be amazing.”

He also credits high-res audio as a driver for new hi-fi sales, focusing mainly on downloads from sites such as, and castigating Apple, which “should be ashamed of itself for not leading in the HD music space”. Premium car audio offers a way to reach new audiophiles, he suggests, while the US housing recovery will drive AV systems, home automation, HVAC control, lighting control, and more. Full article: