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Best of CES 2015 - JL Audio Dominion Subwoofers

9 July 2015 8:51:45 AM AEST

Hans Wetzel of SoundStage! Access highlights the products that caught his eye at CES 2015. He had the following to say about JL Audio's new Dominion subwoofers, "Finally, in the three-figure category, were JL Audio’s most affordable products yet: the Dominion line of subwoofers. The Dominion d108 (USD$799) has an 8” cone driven by a 500W amp, while the Dominion d110 (USD$999) houses a 10” cone and a 750W amp. High-gloss finishes are available for an additional USD$100. Given the praise my colleagues have universally lavished on JLA’s more expensive subs, I have high hopes for these entry-level models. I’ll be shocked if they don’t sell by the truckload".

Read the full article here.  

The JL Audio Dominions are due to hit our shores later this year, watch this space! 

JL Audio D110 Subwoofer