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Counting Down to Apple's 'iWatch'

26 June 2014 2:50:07 PM AEST

“I think the wrist is interesting...”

WITH GOOGLE, LG and Samsung gaining interest (though decidedly mixed reviews and so-so sales) for their smart watch offerings, all eyes are on Apple as the rumours firm up for a fitnessbased wristwear launch from the Cupertino crew. Bloomberg reported that Apple has 100 engineers working on the project under the leadership of senior director of engineering James Foster, and with insiders predicting sales in the high millions within the current calendar year, an announcement can’t be far away — the smart money is on an October launch date. Further evidence came in the announcement that Apple’s next mobile operating system due in September, iOS 8, will include health data management tools, including a new ‘Health’ app. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that it expects 10 sensors on the ‘iWatch’ to track and monitor health and fitness data, and that several different models will be available from launch.