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EE Tech Tips - HiFi

27 May 2015 1:57:40 PM AEST

EE Tech Tips - HiFi

Tip #5 - Component Matching - Steaks and Bananas

The best Wagu steak and the finest certified organic Bananas are both delicious in their own right, however it would be very strange to serve them up together on the same plate.

When a HiFi product wins an illustrious award such as “Product of the Year” or receives a five star review by a respected HiFi magazine, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that product will work in your current system. The best specialist HiFi retailers spend numerous hours mixing and matching components, speakers and cables to find a match that is musically pleasing. For example, a well balanced and complimentary HiFi system at $5,000 has every chance of outperforming a system valued at $20,000, if the more expensive system has simply been put together on specifications alone.

At Entertaining Environments, we spend infinite hours in our demonstration rooms mixing and matching components, loudspeakers and cables to find systems that are well balanced and musically pleasing. Further to this, every HiFi product the we stock is first subjected to a series of listening tests before we even consider it. So, why not come and “Experience Excellence” today.


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