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Pure Audio From Blu-ray

26 June 2014 1:31:19 PM AEST

AFTER YEARS OF LARGELY ignoring Blu-ray’s potential to deliver higher-than-CD quality music, major and minor labels are now lining up to provide stereo and surround versions of new and remastered recordings. Universal, Warner Music and Sony are all producing Blu-ray editions of popular albums, most of them adhering to a standard defined by a collaboration between Universal and more esoteric labels including 2L, MSM, Decca and Stockfisch.

Under the name of ‘Pure Audio’, this “worldwide directive” sets standards for playback of music Blu-rays with or without an attached screen in operation, and uses the coloured keys on a remote to switch between stereo and different multichannel versions. An additional technology called mShuttle can allow networked Blu-ray players to deliver portable copies of the songs to networked computers for loading onto portable devices.