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Raidho Acoustics Trade Up Promotion

4 October 2016 9:00:00 AM AEDT

Are your current loudspeakers tired? Are you tired of your current loudspeakers? Either way, Entertaining Environments understands this very common predicament and we are here to help. 

For a strictly limited time we are offering to trade in your tired loudspeakers at their current RRP price on any pair of Raidho Acoustics loudspeakers*. For the unfamiliar, Raidho Acoustics produce some of the finest loudspeakers in the world and are constantly the recipients of glowing reviews and awards. Most recently, Raidho Acoustic’s D-1 was awarded Best Stand Mount Loudspeaker 2016 by Hi-Fi+, and The Absolute Sound awarded the X-1 with a 2016 Editor’s Choice. 

In addition to the many accolades Raidho Acoustics receives, earlier this year, and for the first time in Australia, we demonstrated the illustrious Raidho Acoustics D-5.1 loudspeakers at the International HiFi Show, Melbourne. Hundreds of people made their way to experience the magic of the D-5.1’s and we received many compliments and comments highlighting the performance, transparency and sheer enjoyment of the speakers. Now, it’s your chance to experience the Raidho Acoustics difference. 

Unlike many other speaker brands within our market, Raidho Acoustics pricing within Australia is at parity and in some cases lower than parity with reference to its home market of Denmark. This means that you truly receive value for money when you choose Raidho Acoustics. Check out our infographic below:

Raidho Acoustics Home Market Parity Animated GIF

You’ve had the rest, now try the BEST! To take advantage of this compelling offer call us today on 03 8080 1230 and speak with one of our friendly consultants.

View the magnificent range of Raidho Acoustics speakers here.

*T&C's Apply.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1. Trade-in speakers must be in working order without any noticeable damage. 
  2. Trade-in amount can’t exceed 50% of chosen Raidho Acoustics speakers EE Home Price.
  3. A 50% deposit will be required to confirm order. 
  4. Final trade-in figure will be at the discretion of Entertaining Environments.
  5. Trade-in promotion excludes already discounted Raidho Acoustics products.
  6. Offer available strictly for a limited. Offer may cease anytime at the discretion of Entertaining Environments.