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Stereophile Review May 2015 - Simaudio Moon Evolution 740P

29 April 2015 1:04:41 PM AEST

Within the May edition of Stereophile, Fred Kaplan writes a glowing review of the MOON by Simaudio 740P Preamplifier. Upon reading the review it's easy to see why Fred fell in love with the 740P. Here is a quick excerpt "Whatever the cause, with every album and song I played, I found it hard to take notes. I just sat back—or leaned forward—and soaked in the music, sometimes with an idiotic smile on my face, even if I'd heard the record a hundred times before. Finally, I tried to analyze what was happening. My first scribbled note: "All the music is breathing forth at the same time."

To read the full review please click here.