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"A perfect speaker should be to the ear what a flawless pane of glass is to the eye. It should neither add to nor take away from music, but reveal the true sound of the performance, faithful in every nuance to the original". - John Bowers

In 1966, John Bowers and his lifelong friend Peter Hayward founded a manufacturing company called B&W Electronics, in Worthing, England. From that day on both men vowed to live modestly and funnel all profits back into the company for further research in the quest to develop the perfect loudspeaker.

Bowers and Wilkins pride themselves on making some of the world's most advanced cinema and hi-fi speakers, as well as, wireless music systems such as the Zeppelin Air and high-performance mobile hi-fi headphones. As a testament to Bowers and Wilkins' quality and innovation, you will find Bowers and Wilkins speakers in Abbey Road Studio's reference system.

According to Bowers and Wilkins, their speakers are the culmination of more than 50 years of innovation in the field of acoustics. All of Bowers and Wilkins' speakers share this innovation, from the most advanced models all the way to their entry level speakers. Bowers and Wilkins push the industry boundaries in what's achievable in audio performance and accuracy.

Entertaining Environments is an authorised Bowers and Wilkins reseller located in Port Melbourne. Our interactive Experience Centre is available by appointment and features Bowers and Wilkins products ready for demonstration.

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Bowers and Wilkins